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5 Shocking AED and Defibrillator Facts

Did you know that anyone can use a Defibrillator?  That's right; they are not only for firefighters or paramedics. In fact, they are available for the general public to use. Usually in bigger areas like shopping centers, airports, gyms, schools, health facilities, churches etc.

You don’t necessarily need any training to use an AED defibrillator

You read that correctly - most defibrillators talk to you and tell you what to do or come with simple instructions. Okay, it’s true there are types of defibrillators used in hospitals that require some sort of specialized training; however, the AED is different than that. It’s been designed and tested for anyone to use in emergency situations.

You cannot kill someone with a defibrillator.

People often fear that when it comes to delivering CPR or applying an AED, they may kill someone. Unfortunately, sitting around and doing nothing will likely lead to a deadly outcome vs not doing anything at all.

What if I break someone’s ribs if I attempt CPR? When someone is not responding even attempting CPR, will be better than doing nothing at all.

But what if I shock someone accidentally? You can’t shock someone accidentally, because an AED will not deliver any shocks unless the heart requires it.

The use of an AED can increase survival rates for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) for over 80% within the first three minutes. The first three minutes are the most critical.

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