Our mission is simple—join us to make a difference.

To provide a platform for citizens, supporters, and community stakeholders to improve outcomes for sudden cardiac arrest victims through empowering education, widespread distribution of defibrillators in public locations, and activation of citizen first responders to confidently and capably provide early care when needed. Learn more and get involved.

Our Impact This Year

  • People Trained


  • Hospitals and EMS Agencies Served


  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Save Rate - over 3x the national average


  • Defibrillators Owned and Managed


Latest News

Learn about Sudden Cardiac Arrest and what you can do to Save a Life!

Did you know that anyone can use a Defibrillator?  That's right; they are not only for firefighters or paramedics. In fact, they are available for the general public to use. You don’t necessarily need any training to use an AED defibrillator

When we join together in a common cause, miracles happen!  Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the country’s number one leading cause of death, and it’s preventable with your help.  There are so many ways to partner with Starting Hearts to save precious lives; and we welcome collaboration with our community.

Hear the impact firsthand from one of our class attendees.

  • Unmatched expertise.

    Having been in the military and worked a number of jobs requiring this certification, I am well versed in the diversity and comprehensiveness of training offered in such programs. Let me just say, this was by far the best, most practical and knowledge-laden version of training I had ever received. The real-world expertise of the trainers, Mare and Bob, led to a vibrant and productive discussion. Every one of us left feeling more comfortable about making the call to 911, but also handling a variety of situations until expert help arrives. Thank you Starting Hearts for all you do to equip our valley through equipment, knowledge, and awareness.
    -Aja Vogelman