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To provide a platform for citizens, supporters, and community stakeholders to improve outcomes for sudden cardiac arrest victims through empowering education, widespread distribution of defibrillators in public locations, and activation of citizen first responders to confidently and capably provide early care when needed. Learn more and get involved.

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  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Save Rate - over 3x the national average


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Bystander CPR (when CPR is provided by a non-medical professional) is key to buying precious time for a person in cardiac arrest. The victim’s heart isn’t pumping blood, starving the brain and other vital organs of the oxygen and nutrients they need to function. The victim likely won’t survive – or could suffer serious injury, such as permanent brain damage – if CPR isn’t started quickly.

Hands-Only CPR is widely recommended for bystanders – like you – over conventional CPR (chest compressions and rescue breaths). Hands-Only CPR, designed to be simple and effective, can be a game-changer in the mission to improve cardiac arrest survival.

Call.Push.Shock.™ can help save a life of a sudden cardiac arrest victim

I was in the kitchen and my roommate Tina came through and I asked her if she’d like a cup of tea and she said sure, just let me take the trash out. She came back and I was down on the floor and she immediately put one hand on me doing CPR and the other hand dialed 9-1-1. Citizen bystanders are the bridge between life and first responders. Spiritually my faith has grown immensely – just to wake up every day and to really think I’m here, I’m here! You know, I can’t say that I did that before.
Betty Neal

Eagle County Colorado Cardiac Arrest Survivor